At the opening of my solo show at the wonderful R & F Paints.

At the entry to "Of Cabbages and Queens" at R&F Paints, Kingston, NY
August 4 - September 22, 2012
Photo by Laura Moriarty
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Four works from the Text Messages series plus Cabbages & Queens: Disco Version
Photo by Laura Moriarty
NN amongst the cabbages
Photo by Lynette Haggard
Looking around the gallery:
L to R: "Cabbages & Queens: Disco Version"
"The Black One"
"Holding Pattern"
"The Lipstick Quartet"
"Half 'n' Half" in the hallway
Photo by Laura Moriarty
"The Black One" and "A Place in the Sun"
L to R:
"A Place in the Sun"
"Blues With a Feeling #2"
"Blues for Etta"
On left, The Lipstick Quartet
In Hall, "Half 'n' Half"
On right, "Blues With a Feeling #2"
Photo by Laura Moriarty
Looking into the production area, where Sean is wearing a color coordinated shirt to match "Half 'n' Half"
Photo by Laura Moriarty
L to R:
"Holding Pattern"
Three small reds
Photo by Laura Moriarty
In hall, "Ambit" with a color coordinated floor